Supporting the bitcoin community.

At Unchained, we’re involved in a lot of bitcoin events—organzing, speaking, sponsoring, and simply attending ourselves! Sure, you can meet everyone online these days, but nothing beats building in-person relationships with like-minded people.

But when we looked for a comprehensive list of major bitcoin-only events, we couldn’t find one…so we built one ourselves. We’ve been using our event list internally to keep an eye on where we need to be, but we realized that other bitcoiners should find it useful too.

We hope you like the site and that it helps you meet other bitcoiners, learn (or teach!) more about bitcoin, collaborate with developers, build industry relationships, find a career, or any of the other great things that can happen when bitcoiners get together.

If you want to have your event listed, you should read our event submission guidelines and then check out this easy form. Note that we can only list large events—there are too many bitcoin meetups out there for us to keep up with!

If you have feedback for the site, please email us.

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